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Posted on: 02 Dec 2020

scottish referendum 2019

The British government and some mainstream political parties argued that remaining in the UK was the only way for Scotland to remain p… [103] The SNP's Sustainable Growth Commission developed a new party policy that, if in government, the SNP would aim to create a new Scottish currency after a future referendum. In May 2019, the Scottish Government introduced the Referendums (Scotland) Bill to the Scottish Parliament. and that the Scottish Government should focus on its domestic agenda. The Scotland Nationalist Party (SNP) wants a second referendum to get independence from the United Kingdom. "[126], Since the referendum in September 2014, opinion polls have asked how people would vote in a hypothetical second referendum. [122], Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard is against an independence referendum. "[43], Sturgeon stated: "Undoubtedly the issue of an independence referendum was a factor in this election result, but I think there were other factors in this election result as well". It’s a demand that’s unlikely to be met. The Act was passed by the Parliament on 20 February 2020 and received Royal Assent on 1 April 2020. [19] Three months later, Salmond reversed the position, highlighting the UK's EU referendum as a factor. [5], On 16 March 2017, ahead of the scheduled debate, Theresa May responded by broadcasting a message where she said that "now is not the time" for a second referendum on Scottish independence, as it would be unclear what the people of Scotland would be voting for. [110] The pro-union organisation Scotland in Union has suggested that an independent Scotland within the EU would face trade barriers with a post-Brexit UK and face additional costs for re-entry to the EU.[109]. [28] All thirty-two council areas in Scotland voted by a majority for the UK to remain a member of the EU. Share. [46], A Survation poll the day prior to the election found that 71% of 2014 independence voters planned to vote for the SNP,[47] significantly lower than the 87% of 'Yes' voters who were planning to vote SNP at a comparable time in 2015. "[60] This was in response to the Scottish Conservatives campaign, that, according to Sturgeon, focused solely on opposing a second referendum on Scottish Independence. 2 Application of this Act . “It’s Brexit which is isolationist, which takes us into the unknown,” says Gethins. [112][113], The Scottish Independence Convention backs calls for a referendum. [10], The 2019 UK general election resulted in a majority parliament for the Conservatives led by Boris Johnson. This request set out the constitutional history of Scotland's place in the United Kingdom and that the Scottish Government would deem either a Section 30 order or an amendment to the Scotland Act as a satisfactory means of transferring the power over independence referendums. [100] The SNP's 2017 General Election manifesto stated that "the Scottish Government [led by the SNP, had] published proposals that would keep Scotland in the Single Market, even as we left the EU. Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? Britain’s fishing industry has been vocal in favor of leaving the EU. Students loom large here; cycling down pretty streets and teeming out of grand stone university buildings. Of the top 10 most marginal seats in the UK,four are in Scotland. Experts say that’s largely down to a four-party system not seen in England. CNN’s William Bonnett contributed to this report. Scotland isn’t traditional territory for the Conservatives. [86] Similarly, the French President, François Hollande, stated: "The negotiations will be conducted with the United Kingdom, not with a part of the United Kingdom". [51], In March 2019, the SNP conference adopted an amendment version of the Growth Commission as party policy on the economics of independence. At present, there is no legislation which provides specifically for referendums held under Acts of the Scottish Parliament. With many seats in Scotland resting on razor-thin margins, this will be the scene of a fierce battle that could have major consequences for the future of the UK. This is counter to the voting franchise in the 2014 referendum which was limited to British, Irish, Commonwealth and European Union citizens resident in Scotland over the age of 16.[79]. [133][134], For the independence referendum that took place in September 2014, see, 2016 European Union membership referendum, June 2017 United Kingdom general election, Scottish Elections (Franchise and Representation) Act 2020, Scottish Parliament Constituencies and Electoral Regions, 2015 United Kingdom general election in Scotland, renegotiation of the UK's membership to the EU, 2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, 2017 United Kingdom general election in Scotland, 2019 United Kingdom general election in Scotland, Future enlargement of the European Union § Possible future scenarios, United Kingdom opt-outs from EU legislation, Opinion polling on the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union, R (Miller) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, Continuing United Kingdom relationship with the European Union, Effect on Scotland's constitutional position, Trade deal negotiation between the UK and EU, Proposed second Scottish independence referendum, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Group, European Parliament Committee on Constitutional Affairs, 2014 Scottish independence referendum#Responses, Proposed referendum on the Brexit withdrawal agreement, "SCOTLANDʼS FUTURE YOUR GUIDE TO AN INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND", "Nicola Sturgeon to lead minority government after SNP falls short", "Scotland backs Remain as UK votes Leave", "Sturgeon signs independence vote request", "Scottish independence: Referendum demand 'will be rejected, "Sturgeon demands independence referendum powers be devolved", "Scotland's right to choose: putting Scotland's future in Scotland's hands", "Nicola Sturgeon to demand powers for 2020 referendum", "Boris Johnson: I see no reason to ever allow indyref2", "Independence referendum: Euro bigwig Jose Manuel Barroso delivers fresh blow to Yes campaign", "Nicola Sturgeon needs to keep Scotland in the EU. Professor John Curtice stated in January 2012 that polling had shown support for independence at between 32% and 38% of the Scottish population. The current Scottish Government intends to seek a Section 30 order or an amendment to the Scotland Act 1998 to ensure that the result of a future referendum can be indisputably binding. Support for Scottish independence has crept up slightly in the last five years and is nowneck-and-neck with those who favor remaining part of the union. For Scottish voters, a key issue in the December 12 general election will be whether, in the long term, they want to remain part of the UK or to break away and become an independent country. [91] Hughes stated that "the simplest and most obvious way would be to be an independent state and transition in and stay in the EU", Douglas-Scott said that "Legally there are precedents. [33][36], Scottish Secretary David Mundell stated, on 26 June 2016, that "if the people of Scotland ultimately determine that they want to have another [independence] referendum there will be one", and added "Could there be another referendum? [111] This was re-affirmed in the Scottish Parliament on 29 January 2020 when the Greens voted with the government for a referendum to be held. It's hard to see how dragging Scotland back down the rabbit hole of a debate on independence is going to improve our schools." The SNP went on to win 56 of the 59 Scottish seats that were contested in an unprecedented landslide winning 50% of the national vote and left just three unionist MPs in Scotland; Labour saw their worst result in Scotland since 1918, the Liberal Democrats fell to their lowest level since 1970 and the Conservatives received their lowest vote share in Scotland since 1865.  with those who favor remaining part of the union. In the last election here in 2017 Gethins won by just two votes, following three recounts, and admits “there was quite a lot of stuff going on at the time” given his wife had just had their baby the week before. [93] The Scottish Labour Party published an 'Action Plan' in July 2016, focusing on the economy. In any case, “we won’t be in the EU come January,” says Stage, in between sips of tea. “We want to sit next to England at the table,” says Stage, “rather than in the back taking the scraps they can throw.”. Referendums . (asked after the referendum)", "How would you vote in a Scottish independence referendum if held now? It’s a bitterly cold November day in the Scottish town of St Andrews, the kind of morning when the grass crackles underfoot like broken glass. “Brexit is just a prime example of Scotland getting the exact opposite of what it voted for,” says 24-year-old Harry Stage, his black curls bobbing with emphasis. The SNP believes an independent Scotland is the best way of staying in the EU; the Lib Dems say Scotland is stronger in Europeand in the UK. Without such an opt-out, passport controls may be required between Scotland and the CTA members. In the event of a hung parliament –- one in which no party secures an outright majority -- the pro-independence SNP could play kingmaker, potentially propping up a Labour government (they’ve dismissed the idea of doing the same with the Conservatives). This Act forms the statutory basis for all future referenda being held under Scots Law under the instruction of the Scottish Government. Scotland’s first minister and the leader of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, has said scrapping Trident would be one of her party’s key demands if Labour wanted its support in a minority government. [54] Legislation was introduced to Parliament to govern any future referenda on any subject held by the devolved institutions. [47] The Conservatives became the largest anti-independence party increasing their votes from 27% to 46% of unionist voters. [127] Twenty-five opinion polls were conducted in the year after the referendum, with seventeen of them having "No" as the predominant answer, seven having "Yes", and one having an equal proportion of respondents for each opinion. Financial groups, such as the Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group, were reported to be considering moving their registered offices to London, as a result of a European law stating that banks should have their head offices in the same member state as its registered office, as well as implying that these offices should be in the location where they conduct most of their activity – which would be the remainder of the United Kingdom in the event of Scottish independence. Chamberlain’s biggest challenge may simply be convincing voters in her own home. These polls have been carried out since six weeks after the referendum. And ensure the SNP doesn’t get a second Scottish referendum. [38], In February 2017, the Scottish Parliament voted 90 to 34 to oppose the UK leaving the EU and to oppose invoking Article 50 in a non-binding vote. The policies of the SNP included a second referendum on Scottish independence next year as well as one on Brexit, removing Trident, and devolution across issues such as employment law, drug policy, and migration. The report noted that it would take £450 million to set up an independent state, with an initial budget deficit of around 6% of GDP. Nicola Sturgeon claimed that there was a “renewed, refreshed and strengthened mandate” for another vote. However, it affirmed that Scotland's independence would have to be accepted by the United Kingdom for Scotland to obtain EU membership: "There now seems to be a consensus that, were Scotland to become independent by legal means, it could join the [European] Union". The party specified that their preferred method of showing support for a referendum was via a public petition, although their manifesto didn't clarify how many signatories there would have to be to receive their support:[27]. Labour came a distant fourth in the last election here. But if it was in power, most SNP arguments would be pointless. ", "SNP members change leadership's currency plan", "Scottish independence: Sturgeon wants indyref2 by 2021", "Indyref2: Campaign group launches with Elaine C Smith on board", "Scotland's right to choose: putting Scotland's future in Scotland's hands -", "SNP manifesto 2019: 12 key policies explained", "Scotland election results 2019: SNP wins election landslide in Scotland", "Sturgeon: Scotland wants different future from rest of UK", "Sturgeon could take legal action to stop Johnson indyref block", "Scottish independence: Johnson rejects Sturgeon's indyref2 demand", "Scottish Parliament backs indyref2 this year — but is swiftly rebuffed", "Brexit: MSPs vote to keep flying EU flag at Scottish Parliament after heated debate", "SNP confirms no indyref2 this year due to coronavirus", "Plans for independence vote to be published in draft bill", "Clear majority in favour of Scottish independence, poll shows", "New poll: 75 would back independence if convinced it would be good for economy", "Stephen Tierney: A Second Independence Referendum in Scotland: The Legal Issues", "Scottish independence: Sorry David Cameron, you can't prevent a second referendum in Scotland", "Scrutiny of Legislative Consent Memorandum", "MSPs back principles of indyref2 framework bill", "Scottish Elections (Franchise and Representation) Act 2020", "Nicola Sturgeon says second Scottish referendum 'highly likely' – as it happened", "Sturgeon to lobby EU members to support Scotland's bid to remain", "Sturgeon to seek EU talks to 'protect' Scotland's membership", "Nicola Sturgeon says independence vote would be proposed 'if best or only way to protect EU place, "Brexit: Spain and France oppose Scotland EU talks", "It's wrong that Scotland might be taken out of EU, when it voted to stay. She believes the same argument for staying in the EU, applies to staying in the UK. Instead, they got Brexit – setting the country on a path it hadn’t agreed to and re-energizing the fight for independence. Even the North East Fife’s Conservative candidate, Tony Miklinski, admits that “Boris does alienate some Scottish voters.”, The Prime Minister is “easily portrayed as the cartoon character, Eton-educated toff who’s out of touch with the working class, and with the people of Scotland.”. Some, like the university’spro-independence union, are adamant about the direction they want that swing to take. [133] In October 2020, "Yes" received its highest ever rating when an Ipsos MORI poll for STV News showed 58% of respondents in support of independence. Jeremy Corbyn was once a radical outsider. [62] In his official response, Boris Johnson wrote that Sturgeon and Salmond had promised that the 2014 referendum would be a "once in a generation" vote, that both the Scottish and UK governments had pledged to implement the outcome of that vote, and that his government "cannot agree to any request for a transfer of power that would lead to further independence referendums". Last modified on Mon 3 … [96], In April 2017, a report for the European Parliament Committee on Constitutional Affairs was published to look at the implications on the UK's withdrawal from the European Union on Scotland, Wales and Gibraltar and their future relations with the EU. She wants a vote by spring 2019 … 3 Referendum questions . A referendum on independence is a matter of intent of the government to allow Scotland a say on independence. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence next year, she told the British daily The Times on Friday, a few months before the local elections in May 2021. (asked after the EU referendum)", "Nicola Sturgeon points to 'growing urgency' for Scottish independence", "Scottish independence surveys 'show Brexit has put union at risk, "Why are more Scots supporting independence?". Before the referendum, leading figures with a range of opinions regarding Scottish independence suggested that in the event the UK as a whole voted to leave the EU but Scotland as a whole voted to remain, a second independence referendum might be precipitated. [43] In response she said that that, "I don't think it's right for any politician to dictate to a country what its future should be. Nonetheless Gardner voted Remain, and says he loves “traveling to Europe.”, “Anyway,” he adds with a cheeky smile, “I haven’t been a fisherman that long.”. [22], The 2015 UK general election was held on 7 May almost eight months after the independence referendum was held. He has said; "We will not support another independence referendum for a generation." In 2015, Labour had the highest vote share among unionist voters at 42%. Sturgeon: 'All options' open if Scottish independence referendum blocked 2 December 2019 Nicola Sturgeon has refused to rule out taking legal action if a … “So, what do we have to lose?”. This group was established by the Scottish Independence Convention which is made up of cross-party and grassroots organisations. [62], The Scottish Parliament passed a motion introduced by the Scottish Government on 29 January 2020 to endorse a new independence referendum. The SNP wants Scotland back in the EU as quickly as possible Excluding "don't knows", the average of polls in 2019 was 51% No to 49% Yes. The town’s prestigious university also has a reputation, Scottish commentators told CNN, as the place where wealthy English and American students go when they don’t get into Oxford or Cambridge. [48] This dropped to 33% in 2017. [85], Sturgeon also met European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, who commented that "I will listen carefully to what the first minister will tell me... but we don't have the intention, neither Donald Tusk nor myself, to interfere in an inner British process that is not our duty and this is not our job. [85] She raised the possibility of parts of the UK remaining within the EU, or for these areas to have special arrangements with the EU, after the UK leaves. In October 2020, an Ipsos Mori poll for STV News showed 58% of Scots in support for independence[67] and that, if there were an economic case for Scotland becoming independent, 75% of Scots say they would support. Labour has pledged to renew the Trident program, despite its leader Jeremy Corbyn being a longstanding critic of nuclear weapons. 4 Those who are entitled to vote . Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon said an independence referendum that could wrench apart the United Kingdom after Brexit should take place … [82][83] On 28 June 2016, Sturgeon said that "independence [...] is not my starting point in these discussions. “But what’s a trident bomb going to do amongst lochs and glens and Glasgow.”. [35] Sturgeon said it was "democratically unacceptable" that Scotland could be taken out of the EU "against its will".

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